Tim was blue

As a bucka-buckaroo

His helmet was green

As the grasses' sheen

Tim was red

As a rumblerhead

His gloves were white

As plumes of light

Tim was black

As the inner of a crack

Maroon was he

When he floated on the sea

Purple were his eyes

When he floated on the skies

Yellow shone his skin

As the sunlight burnt in him


Benjamin, Benjy, Benny and Ben

I remember all of them

Betty and Frieda, Danya and Dew

I remember all of you

So many faces, so many names

Some of them different, some just the same

Robby and Bobby, Kenneth and Ken

I remember way back when

Lottie and Charlotte, Zhen and LaLou

I remember you know who

All of you, all of you, names and faces

So many people and so many places

Remember?  Remember, yes, I do.

I do remember.  Do you?  Do you?


Waxy smells

Delicious colors

Scribble, scribble –

Stay inside the lines!

Or I just draw

My very own picture

Where the sky is pink

And the grass is blue

And the flowers grow

Six feet high.

Whatever I want.

I decide.