Splenderina, princess of fairies

Dressed in pink satin with frills of lace

She never is haughty or puts on aires

And that's why she has the most beautiful face

Not that she's perfect – she's the size of a thumb

And when she flies, she makes this buzzing sound

But she's very bright – or only sometimes dumb

Somtimes she just flies round and round . . .

But back to her face, her beautiful face

It's so very hard to describe, 'tis true

Well, some people say she looks like the queen

But I think she looks a little like . . . you!

Mr. Trout

Over and under and round about,

Through the lake's waters swam old Mr. Trout.

He was the one all the fishermen knew:

They never could catch him, and he grew and he grew

As big as a porpoise – as big as a whale –

As big as the mountain beyond the vale;

He grew so big that the fishermen

Looked like bugs to him – so he ate them.