Cereal Soup

Cereal soup, cereal soup,

Oh, how I love

My cereal soup!

Pour on the milk,

Let stand till it's goop.

That's how you make

My cereal soup!

What A Shock

What a shock!

The lightning flashed

And the lights went out

And the lightning flashed again;

And all I saw was – everything –

And you, with a frozen grin.

I'm Asleep

Sometimes when I'm lying in bed

And the room's all dark 'cept for one little light

Pictures start to jumble up in my head

And behind my eyes I see colors blooming bright

Gently now I'm falling off something steep

And somewhere a wind's going, Shhh! . . .

And I'm asleep.

I'm asleep, I'm asleep, I'm so sleepy, I'm asleep.

Somewhere there's a wind saying, Shhh!

And I'm asleep.