A Royal Household

Princess Slob

Ruled the mob

By throwing food at them;

The queen she wept,

But the king just slept –

And dreamed of having

No children!

The Prince of Snob

(Slob's brother, Bob)

Turned up his nose to all;

The queen she tried,

But the king simply died –

Just so he wouldn't have to

Go to the ball!

Colonel Timmy And Sergeant Shirl

Colonel Timmy and Sergeant Shirl,

They were dancing one day, and he gave her a twirl;

Arms outstretched, you'd have thought she might soar –

Instead she spun right down into the floor!

Her head thrown back, full of glee –

There go her feet, there go her knees!

Her sparkling eyes, her teeth flashing white –

There go her shoulders, her head, out of sight!

And when Colonel Timmy saw what he'd done,

He wished and he wished she could be unspun;

But she couldn't – and so he ran home to bed,

And pulled up the covers, his face very red.