A Lucky Little Sam

How lucky I am!

I'm a lucky little Sam!

Lucky, lucky,

Lucky, lucky,

Lucky I am!

I'm a lucky little man!

A lucky, lucky,

Lucky, lucky,

Lucky little Sam!

Summertime Cool


What a shiver!

Jump in the river.

The sun so hot.

The water so not!


Cool them clean!

Dangling in a stream.

Slippery sleek –

Our four bare feet!


Down our faces.

Our faces it traces.

Sweet on the tongue –

Summer rain has come!

Mr. Chipmunk

Mr. Chipmunk stopped to chat,

It did not take him long –

For he was soonly interrupted

By Mrs. Sparrow's sudden song!

Just then a butterfly fluttering by

Accidentally slapped her face,

Which made the wind begin to laugh,

And all the trees began to shake.