Let The Grannies

Let the grannies slip and slide

On the moonlit water's tide

Take their broom-beams to the sky

As high as any bird can fly


Burble my burble, bubble and chew

See you and saw you and sew you too

Dilly my dally my dolly away

And slinging far flung at the end of the day

Stars and light fizzing as higher the sky

Tittered and tattered a bead in my eye

Chimmie my chummy and chaw and chew

Burble my burble, how do you do

L'il Mommy

One summer's morn L'il Mommy crept

Carefully round the outside of her house

Looking down low for Daddy-Longlegs

Milly-worm, Aunt ant, Mother Shrew, Father Mouse

For all of these were creatures she loved

Beetle-Bob, Bug, and Miss Centipede too

And she tread their small world so carefully

So as not to squish them under her shoe