That Splash Of Sun

That splash of sun upon the water

Makes this day feel even hotter.

Cloud Story

Lilah the lamb went on the lam

Floated away right out of the land

Her Ma and Pa, heavy and drear

Came lumbering after, shedding tears


From a seed into an apple

Inside an apple, apple seed

New beginning never ending

Always plenty, never need

Apple Song

Apple shiny, apple bright

Skin so red, flesh so white

Each mouthful sweet a fresh delight

And there it goes, each crunchy bite

Disappearing out of sight

Into your mouth, down to your belly

Where it turns into a kind of jelly

That stretches your fingers and curls your toes

Blushes your cheeks the color of rose

Makes you grow so big and strong –

And there you are!  My apple song!