Smells like heather

Light as a feather

Curled in my lap

Taking a little cat-nap

Stretched out lean

Having a little cat-dream . . .

Then a pink-tongued wash

To make herself look posh

And now that preenings done

Ready for some fun

Oh, how my heart is smitten

By the ways of my kitten!

Poor Pym

As big as the western sky,

That's how big his hat was.

It was miles and miles wide,

And covered with the fuzz of

Red velvet singe, with jet-black trim –

And everyone looked at the hat.

And nobody looked at him.

Nobody looked at him, at him,

Nobody looked at him.

Everyone looked at the hat, the hat,

But nobody looked at him.

Poor Pym.


Bearded Iris clad in purple

Growing ring-around a circle

Inside of which

Bright daffodils grew

And forget-me-nots

Both pink and blue

A rose bush too

Full of thorns

And just one flower –

Thus you were born