Twelve little numbers

Going round and round

Always getting lost

Ever being found


When the leaves turn red and brown,

That's when Suzy goes to town.

When the hills are furred with white,

Tommy sleeps all through the night.

When the flowers spring to life,

That's when Johnny takes a wife.

When even buildings droop with heat,

That's when you'll see Jenny's feet.

These are seasons one through four,

But over and over and evermore.

Their Secret Song

Sylvyn told Rickle

And Rickle told Wong,

And what they told each other was

This, their secret song:

Quiet!  Don't tell!

Be still as a bell –

A bell that's never rung –

Quiet!  Hold your tongue!

Hush!  And hello!

Because I said so!

This is our secret song;

It's very short and very long.

Be still!  Don't speak!

We'll meet you at the creek!

Down where the oak tree fell –

Quiet!  Don't tell!