Counting Wizards

The one that weighs near half-a-ton,

That is wizard number one.

And where is wizard number two?

There – that's him hiding in a shoe.

And here comes wizard number three,

Mumbling, muttering, Yes, I see.

Wizard number four of course

Comes riding up grandly on a great white horse.

And there's wizard five come running after,

Shouting to all, I'm late!  No matter!

No one could find wizard number six,

But he was there, up to his old tricks.

In a corner studious wizard number seven

Was trying to conjure the number eleven.

Wizard number eight grew wings to try,

And called to his brothers, We all should fly!

Then wizard number nine played them all a tune

On a big brass horn, called a buffoon.

Wizard number ten began to groove and sing,

Then all ten wizards, indeed, took wing.

A Cow's Idea Of Heaven

Daisies and clover

Daisies and clover

Miles and miles

Of daisies and clover

And somewhere close

A clear silver stream

Cool as a shadow

Soft as a dream

A cozy little wood

For a long rainy night

Fields of grass for sleeping in

'Neath the bright starlight