The Fiddlers Three

There were once three fiddlers

Who lived up in a tree

And every time the wind blew

They played this melody:

Shh!  Shhh!  Shhhhh!

Their britches they were brown

Their eyes a dappled green

At least that's how the story goes

They've only once been seen

That was by a little boy

Who told the tale to me:

"Up between the leaves and branches

Live the fiddlers three!"

For just a moment he saw them

Before the wind blew free

They vanished in a flash of sun

Though still he heard their melody:

Shh!  Shhh!  Shhhhh!

Listening At Night

Cars and trucks go speeding by

Each one sounding like a sigh


Goldfish swimming

Round and round in a bowl,

Have you any, have you any,

Have you any home?

Goldfish swimming

Round and back again,

Will you be, will you be,

Will you be my friend?