A Thoughtful One

Birds and sunshine and a blue-and-white sky –

Strolling 'neath the willow tree, my shadow and I.

Once A Time I Knew

Once a time I knew

A very, very old man,

And he had long and crooked fingers,

And he had long and crooked toes,

But the very strangest thing about him

Was his very long and crooked nose.

When he was a babe,

There was no man's could match it –

When he played at stick-and-ball,

He used it for a catch-it!

When he had his bearded days

He used it for a hatchet –

But as he old and older grew,

As he grew bent and lame,

He found it came in handiest

For use as a cane.


The air was full of buzzing,

The dandelions gray and fuzzy,

Her foot crossed upon her knee

As she lay under the apple tree

Was bare and muddy;

Above it flashed the sky –

The clover smelled so sweetly

As she grew so slowly sleepy

Until behind her lidded eyes

Her dreams like clouds went floating by