Miss Penny And Copper Joe

When the lights went out that night,

Miss Penny cried alarm;

Sure, Copper Joe was on the show

To keep her safe from harm.

Said Copper Joe to sweet Miss Penny,

What alarmed you so?

Nothing, dear, now you are here,

Said she to Copper Joe.

When the lights came on again,

Miss Penny heaved a great sigh,

And the very next day the two were wed,


Under A Big

Under A Big Blue

Under A Big Blue Sky!

Growl And Howl

Growl and howl I once heard a cow,

And when I stopped to ask why,

She told me her glory, her life, her son,

When taken away did cry.

Who took him so? I asked of her;

She had only this to say:

"Farmer Brown took him to town

To sell at market today."


The heart roars

When it adores

Feet wander

And eyes soar

But lions and


Roar and roar