How Do You Know When It's Spring?

How do you know when it's spring?

You know cuz your body is startin' to zing,

You know cuz the songbirds are startin' to sing:

It's spring!

It's spring!

It's spring!

That's how you know it's happ'ning.

So sing.


It's spring!

The Tale Of The Dandelion

Dandelion, growing tall

Said to the world:  Hello, y'all!

Growing yet still higher and higher

Turning towards that ball of fire

That so alike, yet so far above it flew

So into the sky it grew

Day by day and hour by hour

Longer grew the dandelion flower

Leaving grass and trees behind

Yearning with a face gone blind

Pushing past both cloud and moon

Stretched out like some rare balloon

Higher and higher it grew and grew

Till at last it flew – it flew

Into the light, into the sun . . .

And was burnt up!  Now they are one