A Tickling Song

Sweet the sound of silly silly,

Come from the depths of gully gilly;

Shout the air! and shimmy wriggle,

Belly and throat all wiggle giggle!

A Question

I can zip a zipper and snap a snap,

I can buckle my belt in no time flat!

I can tie my own shoes – aw, that ain't nuttin' –

But what do I do with my belly button?

Begin And Began

Hey, Pally!  Here, Pally!

C'mere!  C'mere!

You wanna race me

Up the backstairs?

Down on our haunches,

Two coiled springs;

Paws and feet ready . . .

Like quickening wings . . .

Now, Pally!  Go, Pally!

Begin and began!

To the top of the stairs now,

Fast as we can!